Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.7 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.7 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.7 has been released:

In the latest update of Sandboxie Plus, we have introduced several enhancements and fixes to improve user experience. Notably, file version information for SbieDll.dll and SbieSvc.exe has been added to the Sandboxie Plus About dialog. We have made improvements to the checkboxes related to the DropAdminRights feature in SandMan. This release also addresses several important bug fixes: an issue with symbolic linking of files has been resolved, and corrections have been made to the start agent option and the Delete V2 functionality that was previously introduced in version 1.13.5. These updates ensure better stability and functionality of the Sandboxie Plus software.

Changes since the last stable release:

[1.13.7 / 5.68.7] - 2024-05-01

added file version information for SbieDll.dll and SbieSvc.exe in the Sandboxie Plus About dialog


improved checkboxes about DropAdminRights in SandMan #3851 (thanks offhub)


Issue with symbolic linking of files #3852
fixed issue with start agent option #3844 (thanks offhub)
fixed issue with Delete V2 introduced in 1.13.5

[1.13.6 / 5.68.6] - 2024-04-21

added "BlockInterferenceControl=y" option to prevent sandboxed processes from forcing windows on top and moving the mounse pointer (thanks Yeyixiao)
Note: this option may cause issues in games hence do not enable it for gaming boxes
added support for hard links #3826
added mechanism to terminate stuck sandboxed processes from the driver
added Make the trigger list editable #3742
added Optionally extend the screenshot protection to the UI #3739
added a button to edit local/custom templates #3738
added Permanently Re-sizable or Larger "Run Sandboxed" Window #3697
added Notepad++ template #3836


improved Avast template #3777
renamed a bunch of experimental options and marked them as experimental in the UI
"IsBlockCapture=y" -> "BlockScreenCapture=y"
"IsProtectScreen=>" -> "CoverBoxedWindows=y"


fixed When I change the BlockDNS and BlockPorts options, the Apply button is not activated #3807
fixed troubleshooting wizard broke with new Qt #3810
fixed Settings dialog now showing the right ram disk letter
fixed issues with updater broke with new Qt due to missing SSL support #3810
fixed Enabling "DropAdminRights/FakeAdminRights" adds "BlockInterferePower and ForceProtectionOnMount" to the INI #3825
fixed KeePass "Out of Memory" crash due to "BlockScreenCapture=y" #3768
fixed Sandboxie 1.13.4 with IsBlockCapture=y not working on Windows 7 #3769
fixed explorer.exe issue "FakeAdminRights=y" #3638
fixed Make it possible to disable forced folder warning #3569

[1.13.5 / 5.68.5] - 2024-04-10

added Setting all processes per box to a certain core #3276
set "CpuAffinityMask=0x00000001" in Sandboxie.ini, where 0x00000001 is a bit mask indicating which cores are to be used
only supports cores 0-31, for 32+ will be always disabled when this option is used
added checkbox for Samba and DNS port blocking
added Weasel template #3806 (thanks xWTF)


on systems in test signing mode, Sandboxie will try outdated offsets by default
changed Qt5 version to Qt5.15.13 with latest security patches #3694 (thanks LumitoLuma)
moved network restrictions from general restrictions tab to an own tab on the network page
improved certificate retrieval UI messages
improved MPC-BE template #3798


fixed Virtualization scheme Version 2 causing extremely slow file deleting speed #3650


removed obsolete recommendations in Templates.ini #3802

Full change-log up to that version.

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