Backup your data

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Backup your data

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Backups are important, as they allow you to return to normal operation, more easily than without backups.

For Sandboxie and Sandboxie-Plus that means creating copies of your configuration. The Sandboxie.ini is the most important file, as it contains the configuration of each sandbox and general Sandboxie settings. The Sandboxie-Plus.ini holds settings of Sandman, the default user interface of Sandboxie-Plus. Sandboxie-Plus contains a Snapshot Manager which allows you to create snapshots of sandboxes. Those snapshots are still contained within the folder of that sandbox. You may want to back up your sandboxes.

The default location for the Sandboxie.ini is C:\Windows and the default location for the Sandboxie-Plus.ini is C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Sandboxie-Plus, while the sandboxes are by default stored at C:\Sandbox.

To back up all your data, you may use a tool to create copies or images of the drives on an external device.