Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.4 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.4 Released

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In this update, we've introduced several key enhancements and fixes. A notable feature addition is the option to prevent sandboxed processes from capturing window images outside their environment, aimed at enhancing security; this can be activated via the "IsBlockCapture=y" setting in SandMan UI. We've also streamlined process management with the introduction of "LingerExemptWnds=n", eliminating exemptions for lingering processes with windows from termination, and added a the suspend all sandbox processes button to the toolbar and menu . Additionally, we've addressed an important bug fix related to symlinks in start menu folders, ensuring smoother system operation.
Thank you to our contributors Yeyixiao and offhub for their inputs in this update.

[1.13.4 / 5.68.4] - 2024-03-25

added option to prevent sandboxed processes from accessing the images of the window outside the sandbox #1985 (thanks Yeyixiao)
it can be enabled with "IsBlockCapture=y"
see the sandbox option "Prevent sandboxed processes from using public methods to capture window images" in SandMan UI
added "LingerExemptWnds=n" to make the lingering process monitor mechanism no longer exempt lingering processes with windows from termination
Added option 'SharedTemplate' to Box Wizard #3737 (thanks offhub)
Added an option to force the protection of an encrypted sandbox to be enabled. #3736 (thanks Yeyixiao)
Added a menu and button/icon to suspend all processes [#3741] (#3741)


option "LingerLeniency=n" now also disabled the 5 sec grace period for freshly started lingerers #1892


fixed issue with symlinks related to startmenu folders

Full change-log up to that release

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