Just wanted to say thanks!

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Just wanted to say thanks!

Post by gorillamath »

Appreciate you releasing the tools. I have used computers since I was 12 with no viruses. Always buily my own desktops but recently... I fished it up and bought a dell with windows 10.

It worked fine for 1.5 years (had to replace screen once. Power jack 3 times.)
  • In March windows update broke my machine... it wont restart, finally get it to load and explorer wont let me open folders or basic things...
  • I leave for France to visit gf's family and get some time off. (started a site that was doing well and I felt like I couldnt take day off). So my first days off in months... Windows + Dell Update = Encrypted Hard Drive and no Key... Thats level 8/10 worst case scenario for a virus lol.... and I had the pleasure of paying for it.
  • Cut my trip short since I can't log-in to anything and my backups are on external drives back home. Install windows again, turn off all bios updates... breaks again haha
  • 4th time 3 days later.
So here I am. :?

As gross as it is... been using a 2013 windows 8 machine with no problems. I forgot how sweet it is to hit the power button and than see the machine just power down. Thank you.

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Re: Just wanted to say thanks!

Post by bastik-1001 »

Thank you, too. Hopefully you are still feeling good.

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