Major Privacy v0.95.0 BETA

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Major Privacy v0.95.0 BETA

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I'm excited to announce the launch of MajorPrivacy, a successor to PrivateWin10, designed to enhance privacy for Windows 10, 11, and beyond. This new tool represents a significant leap forward in ensuring your digital security and privacy.

MajorPrivacy, like most of my other projects, is written in C++ and uses Qt Widgets for the user interface. It includes a new driver to add the necessary kernel features to properly enforce advanced privacy presets.

In addition to the functionality offered by PrivateWin10, MajorPrivacy includes its own rule-based software restrictions, preventing unauthorized or undesired applications from running. It also has a folder protection feature that restricts access to confidential data to authorized processes. Its kernel-based process isolation ensures that authorized processes cannot be tampered with, providing the highest level of protection from other processes and even a high level of protection from adversarial processes running with administrative or system privileges.

Furthermore, it offers Encrypted Protected Volumes, created using the ImDisk driver and the ImBox component, which are already known from Sandboxie's encrypted sandboxes utilizing DiskCryptor's encryption implementation. When mounted, these volumes can be protected with the File/Folder protection feature to ensure that only trusted and authorized processes can access the plaintext data. This combination provides a robust layer of security for sensitive information.

In the initial BETA release 0.95.0, a few minor features from PrivateWin10, like the filtering DNS proxy, were not included but will be added later. Furthermore, additional new features will be added, including a per-process DNS filter using a hook DLL, proxy injection, and an own firewall engine implemented by the driver, allowing for more control than possible by only leveraging the Windows firewall rules.

The driver’s ability to control and block registry accesses is used to prevent unauthorized alterations of protection rules and other guarded registry presets.

It is available on GitHub: ... ag/v0.95.0

I have created a not so short demo video showcasing all the new features and listing a bunch of common use cases:

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