Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.7 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.7 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.7 has been released.

This is a bug fix release.



Make Duplicate Box Config keep the order of the original box configuration #3523
Save options as new defaults disappears from the Summary page #3522
fixed Windows Explorer has difficulty navigating when running in a sandbox with data protection enabled on Windows 11 #3517 #3516
the default template for privacy boxes now sets NormalFilePath=%ProgramData%\Microsoft\
fixed MessageBox with MB_DEFAULT_DESKTOP_ONLY or MB_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION can not display title and text correctly in security hardened box. #3529
fixed Can't run npm inside security hardened sandbox on Windows 11 #3505
fixed [1.12.6] Symlink and open path issue #3537
when a volume without an associated drive letter is encountered sbie uses \drive{guid} instead of \drive[letter]
Note: when the volume later gets a drive letter the data under \drive{guid} will be ignored!
fixed right click a sandbox shortcut - click run unsandboxed in order to open the file without sandbox #3528
Note: for the fix to take full effect the shell integration need to be re applied
fixed Error Status: 0x0000065b (Function Failed During Execution) #3504
fixed Privacy Enhanced Sandboxes are fully out of function with SBIE2204 error code #3542
fixed OpenFilePath directories are not enumerated within their parent folders #3519

Full change log up to that release.

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