Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.6

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Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.6

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This is a maintenance release, it fixes many issues.

Download: ... ag/v1.12.6


improved behaviour of toolbar customization menu


fixed issue introduced in 1.12.4 with start.exe failing to run in a confidential box #3514
fixed "The directory name is invalid" when starting a process in an encrypted private box #3475
fixed symbolic links created inside a sandbox not working properly #3181
fixed issue with drives mounted to multiple folders or a drive letter and a folder
fixed issue with file paths when using sandboxes with relocated root (e.g. to an ImDisk volume) #3506
fixed issue with explorer.exe on Windows 11 when using "SysCallLockDown=y" #3516
fixed SandMan not showing icons of processes located on an ImDisk volume

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