Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.3 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.3 Released

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Sandboxie-Plus 1.12.3 has been released.

Change-log since last announcement:

[1.12.3 / 5.67.3] - 2023-12-02

added template to add useful exclusions to confidential boxes


FIXED SECURITY ISSUE ID-23 SeManageVolumePrivilege is now blocked, as it allowed to read MFT data (thanks Diversenok)
fixed program launch when forcing processes into a confidential box #3173

[1.12.2 / 5.67.2] - 2023-11-28

added options dialog when exporting a box #3409


moved process info retrieval to SbieSvc, resolves some information not being available in compartment type boxes when SandMan does not run as admin
moved Process Suspend/Resume to SbieSvc #3156


fixed issue with Microsoft Edge when using AutoDelete option #post-3173507
fixed warning issue Acrobat.exe: SBIE2205 Service not implemented: CredEnumerateA #issuecomment-1826280016
fixed UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP BSOD when opening any web link from sandboxed Microsoft 365 app (e.g. Outlook, Word) #3427
fixed issue with force process warning message
fixed online updater does not respect portable mode #3406
fixed Snapshot feature does not work on encrypted boxes #3439

[1.12.1 / 5.67.1] - 2023-11-23

improved open URL dialog #3401
improved suspended process detection


fixed issue with key to bring SandMan in front as top most
fixed issue with ThreadSuspendCount failing for already terminated threads 25054d0 #3375
fixed message text #3408
fixed warning issue with Firefox 120.0: SBIE2205 Service not implemented: CredWriteA #3441
fixed outdated Chromium paths #3436

Full change-log up to that release.

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