Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.0

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Sandboxie-Plus v1.12.0

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This build brings a lot of usability improvements most notably the ability to auto force all removable media (Requires a supporter certificate).

In the settings exceptions can be specified, based on the volume serial number to exclude selected devices form forced sandboxing.

This build also enhances on the global hot keys, two new hot keys have been added "Alt + Break" to bring the sandman window in front with the top most flag set, and "Ctrl + Alt + F" to toggle disabling of forced processes, furthermore the terminate all (panic hotkey) hot key "Shift + Break" has been improved, individual sandboxes can be configured to be excluded from a blanket global terminate all command, however when the panic hotkey is invoked 3 times with < 1 sec between presses it will terminate all boxed processes, no exceptions.

Also worth mentioning is an improvement to the service handling which allows to install and run the GOG launcher sand boxed in a reduced isolation box with the following configuration:

Code: Select all

Further work is ongoing to make the GOG work in a standard sandbox.

Download: ... ag/v1.12.0


added mechanism to automatically set USB drives as forced folders (Requires a supporter certificate)
added troubleshooting script for issue #3318 with parental controls
started german translation of the troubleshooting scripts ...\SandboxiePlus\SandMan\Troubleshooting\lang_de.json #3293
added "get_cert SBIEX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" command to UpdUtil.exe allowing to get a cert by serial using command line
added mechanism to revoke leaked or refunded certificates
added new global hot key to bring sandman in fron as top most ALT+Break #3320
added Exclude specific boxes from 'Terminate all processes' #3108
Note: press the panic button hot key 3 times with less then 1 second between clicks to Terminate All with NO exceptions
added Customizable global hotkey that toggles the state of "pause forced programs" #2441
added Warn or prevent broad "forced folder" settings #650
added CheckExpectFile function to Plus #768

improved suspend process ahndling #3375
improved handling of issue reports
updated reminder schedule

fixed issue with auto updater not offering version updates
fixed issue with new symlink handling code #3340
fixed issue with Scm_StartServiceCtrlDispatcherX not behaving correctly when not run as service #1246 #3297
fixed Issue with configuring the original folder of a symbolic link created using mklink to OpenPipePath #3207

removed obsolete /nosbiectrl switch #3391

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