Camfrog video chat, so sluggish and nearly unusable

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Camfrog video chat, so sluggish and nearly unusable

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Since the version before 5.33 camfrog has nearly became unusable using it sandboxed. Im not sure what the version was anymore as i have upgraded it long time ago and i cant find the old version anymore, so i stopped use sandboxie since. I seen it has new versions now so i thought to give it a try again. I been using camfrog for at least 17 years and using sandbox for 10 years with camfrog without any problem or this sluggish response that there is now.

Before i could use camfrog the same as i start it without the sandbox. but now start it in the sandbox everything is so slow. it starts with a very slow start up. then very slow loading contact list.entering a room goes slow. then opening cams in a room take sages to open. i don't know what has changed since then.. but now its not really usable.

the only error message i get... but always got.. also in the older versions... is this :
|Time| |Message|

15:45:27.170 Camfrog Video Chat.exe (8784): SBIE2203 Failed to communicate with Sandboxie Service: *GUIPROXY_00000001; MsgId: 13 - Camfrog Video Chat.exe [C0000024]

i also increased the CopyLimitKb=512000.... but made no sense. i have noclue if i need to change some ini files or where to search this.

im running it in windows 10 pro updated to last updates and upgrades, on a xeon CPU E5-2690 v2 with 64Gb mem and a nvidea gtx 1050 ti videocard from nvme drive. the hardware has not changed since sandboxie 5.22 and no my cpu and or memory isnt maxed out.

So i hope you can do something to improve the behavior of sandbox and solve this issue.

Thanks and regards,

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