Cannot sandbox ANY folders

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Cannot sandbox ANY folders

Post by edray »

Using Windows 11 pro 23H2. Sandboxie ver 5.68.4.

Tried installing, removing, reinstalling etc. No matter what I do When I click right on ANY folder and select to sandbox it regardless of selecting the run as admin option or not, it attempts to bring up the folder sandboxed for a moment then it reverts back unsandboxed. Sometimes it will momentarily actually show the folder contents sandboxed but then it reverts back unsandboxed . Unbelievably annoying to say the least!!!

I have googled literally for MANY hours for a solution to this and found it incredible that nobody else in the universe had addressed this issue hence this forum post. I can't seem to find any setting to address this although having used sandboxie for many years now I have never needed to set anything in the ini file to be able to sandbox folders.

In the few instances in the past when this problem came up using other PCs with sandboxie, selecting the admin option fixed the problem to the extent that subsequent folder sandboxing within the PC session no longer required the admin option.

Can anybody out there give me a helping hand to resolve this issue? It would be most appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Cannot sandbox ANY folders

Post by bastik-1001 »

When you say, it reverts, does that mean the folder opens in the sandbox you selected, but then the explorer window is closed and gets re-opened outside any sandbox?

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