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Create browser shortcut

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Trying to create my browser shortcut that somehow disappeared. I've been to numerous webpages, including the helptips, useagetips, firefoxtips, ... Guide.html and searched under discussion and t-shooting sub forums where queries on simply 'shortcut' yields the same 19 results.

Under ver 5.56.3 I find no create shortcut option anywhere. This viewtopic.php?f=12&t=32&p=275&hilit=shortcut#p275
seems to be sandboxer saying the command opens a browser but whether I have FF open or not there is no option for shortcut from the dropdown menu.

I need FF to open from the SB+ shortcut but not from the FF icon in my systray.

Please give me a hand w/preferably GUI steps to find how to do this. It's thoroughly confusing why this is not more straightforward.



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Re: Create browser shortcut

Post by bastik-1001 »

Could you make it work again?

Within the Sandboxie Plus user interface (Sandman) you can right-click on a box, select Box Content and then Create Shortcut. Then you proceed with selecting the software you want to create a shortcut for, which will open the software in the box you created the shortcut for.

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