Problem with Installation File?

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Problem with Installation File?

Post by JustFax »

When I have Microsoft Defender scan your Sandboxie-Plus installation file, it indicates that "Possibly Unwanted Application" (PUAs) Tsingsoft and FusionCore are found in the installation file. Can you tell us what functions these two PUAs perform after the installation file has been run? Can you provide an installation file which is free of PUAs to persons who agree to donate some fee of your choice to xanasoft?

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Re: Problem with Installation File?

Post by DavidXanatos »

There are no PUAs in the official installation file on github.
Microsoft Defender is garbage like all signature based security products.

Life advice: if a file flags as potentially problematic scan it on virus total if only a few AV scanners flag it that its almost eternally a false positive and the file is clean.

Or did you download the installer from an unofficial source?

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Re: Problem with Installation File?

Post by anpspb »

You can check up the installation file using the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal, which provides online tests, see
At first you can choose you language. Now I never check software using, only Kaspersky online tool. It is less fast, but more reliable.
For example Sandboxie-Plus-x64-v0.9.6.exe of Oct 25, 2021 is clean.

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