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Can Sandboxie force a different renderin resolution?

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2024 12:33 pm
by nicolalol2
Hey there. My question might be more complex than it looks and I may not be very good at explaining what I'm trying to achieve. So bear with me through some explanations.

I play multiple world warcraft characters at the same time ( it's called multiboxing ). Generally this involves only really focusing on one game window at time, while making the background windows repeat the actions of the main window you're using.
In the past, there was a program with a very weird feature that helped me a lot while multiboxing on a low grade computer. This program was able to force the background games into rendering at a resolution that was below the minimum of what the game technically allows from it's ingame settings ( for example 600x400, where the minimum is 800x600 ). This is really useful because the background windows are never looked at while multiboxing, so you only care that they are actually running the game, even if it looks shit.

I never understood how that program was able to achieve this, but the devs of it told me it's through tricking the game to believe that the actual screen in which the entire operating system is running on is different from what it actually is ( 1920x1080 iny my case ).

That program is unfortunately no longer available, but I'm trying to understand if such a thing can be done in sandboxie too since by the looks of it, this program is indeed tricking EXEs to believe they're running on a different windows.

Thank you for read through this, looking forward to the answers.

Re: Can Sandboxie force a different renderin resolution?

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2024 6:16 pm
by bastik-1001
Right now, Sandboxie does not spoof system information. I don't know if it could go beyond what at app is bound to function with, as there are probably reasons why the settings set a certain resolution. Other than that, I believe that Sandboxie could report the system having a lower resolution that it actually has.

Edit: I am not sure if DxWnd can help, but it allows running games in windows, that would normally run in full-screen. It can also alter some behavior to run older games on newer versions of Windows.