no GUI password protection ?!

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no GUI password protection ?!

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Is it possible to password-protect the GUI access ? (Sandboxie-Plus-x64-v1.12.9.exe) If yes, how ?
(My encrypted Sandboxie will run on a VPS and I don't want anyone to access to its files (Box Content/Explore Content...).

BTW, I'm very surprised that I didn't find any thread/subject in the forum and in the documentation that talk about that !?!
What's the point of encrypting the sandbox if anyone who has access to the windows desktop can get the files ??

Is there a better way than a password-protect GUI ?


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Re: no GUI password protection ?!

Post by bastik-1001 »

You can set a password that needs to be entered before changes can be made.

Options > Global Settings > Advanced Config > [Sandboxie.ini Presets] > Config Protection

There you can (one or all):
- restrict changes to be only made by account with administrative privileges
- set a password that needs to be entered
- clear the password when the main window gets hidden (so you have to enter it again, after bringing the window back up, when you are going to make changes)

When the files are encrypted, they can't be accessed. With encryption, the files are stored in an encrypted image, instead of individual files. The driver is supposed to prevent any unauthorized process from accessing the files while the image is mounted.

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