Separate Installation

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Separate Installation

Post by AricCougar »

Hello everyone,

I play a game, for which a (non-cheat) external content management program was written and shared for free. He eventually quit developing his tool, and someone new branched it and is doing new versions.

I want to keep the original version that is installed on my win 7 computer. But Im curious to try out the new features in the other persons new version. Since its based on the same code base, I'm afraid it will overwrite the original version if i install the new.

Is there any use of this Sandboxie+ software that could safely allow me to install the new version, without risking the original version?

- Aric

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Re: Separate Installation

Post by DavidXanatos »

Yes you can install anythign in sandboxie+ without risking your original installation
You can also set the relevant paths of the old instalation as writeonly (boxed only) this way the new instalation will not even see that there is an old installation present on the system

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