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User friendliness

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TaskExplorer is full of features, that's why I tried to use it instead of SysInternals' ProcessExplorer, on daily basis. But after a month or so I'm returning back to ProcessExplorer, for now. I'll keep TaskExplorer for use only in special situations where Process Explorer is not sufficient. The reasons are these:
  • The UI is clogged with various information and it is hard to orientate oneself there. I suggest either to better structure the GUI, or supply several presets for different usage. For instance:
    • The pane with system and task tabs could be in a separate window. Unless detailed information is needed, there is no need for them to be visible.
    • The same applies for the graphs at the top. If I want to see all the graphs, which is not often, I'd better open them in a separate window. In daily usage, only the basic graphs are sufficient.
    • Too many colours. In some special cases this may be helpful, but usually it makes the view only confusing.
    • Reasonable default settings should be provided. E.g. the CPU graph should be the first among the graphs at the top, not the last one, in my opinion. (It's good that the order of the graphs can be customized, though.)
  • Several features I consider important are missing, or I cannot find them. For instance:
    • The aiming cross, viewtopic.php?f=12&t=146.
    • I miss the possibility to terminate the whole process tree, i.e. a process with its descendants (Shift+Del in ProcessExplorer).
    • The graphs at the top cannot be magnified. I hardly see what they show, with my eyes.
  • If the previous features are present, they are hard to find without reading the manual. An experienced user should be able to find basic features without reading help.
  • When pointing with mouse into a graph, values for that time instant are displayed, which is good. Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well, the tooltip is appearing and disappearing seemingly randomly. When moving mouse, it would be better if the tooltip moved along, instead of replacing it with another tooltip.
The TaskExplorer is a good application with plenty of features that are missing in the Task Manager or in ProcessExplorer. That's why I'll keep it, but only for special purposes, not for daily usage.

Versions: Win10 Enetrprise x64, TaskExplorer 1.2.9.

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